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Gary L. Flanagan
Ryan N. Flanagan
Director of Client Services

Gary opened Flanagan & Associates in 2001 after a highly successful career with two computer/internet companies. Since 1977, Gary has been working with both large and small companies to identify and implement the correct technology solution based on their requirements.

Gary is dedicated to understanding each client's needs and matching those needs to the correct products and services. He looks beyond the routine to provide a new and unique perspective for every client.

Ryan graduated from Illinois State University in May of 2000 and spent the next three years in the life and long-term care insurance industry as Account Manager. Looking for a career change, he joined Flanagan & Associates in 2003.

A relationship-based person, Ryan puts the needs and requirements of his clients and his relationship with those clients above all factors. Ryan is dedicated to communication and providing solutions that increase effectiveness, efficiency, visibility, productivity and revenue for his clients.














Flanagan & Associates provides web services that increase the visibility of our clients. We provide both basic and complex site designs for large and small organizations and all budgets. We do not believe in any job being too large or small.